News 30 April 2009

Effort to curb nuisance cyclists

Neighbourhood police officers are taking a tough stance on cyclists who ride their bikes on the pavement after the Barton Ward Partnership and Community Together process identified the issue as being a priority to local people.

Over the past few weeks Pc Angela Burgess and her colleagues have been stopping cyclists and warning them of the dangers of their actions, however the officers have now begun to issue tickets to those who do not heed the warnings and persist in causing a danger by riding on the pathway.

Today, Thursday, 30 April six fines for £30 were issued to those who were found to be riding their push bike on the pavement and more enforcement patrols are planned for the future.

PC Burgess commented: ‘To some this may seem like a trivial matter, but it does pose a danger to pedestrians and we have a commitment to tackle the issues that the local community raise as being important to them.

‘I would like to urge cyclists to ride within the law, using only the road or a cycle path and show consideration for pedestrians in the area. This action will be repeated and I am confident we can curb this anti-social act in the Barton ward.’