News 6 May 2009

Arrest after burglary at Wahl, Herne Bay

Police arrested a man on the M2 after the Wahl premises in Sea Street, Herne Bay, were broken into last night (Tuesday 6 May 2009).

Shutters were forced on the building and thieves escaped with boxes from the company that makes hair-cutting equipment. Police were called at 9.25pm.

A white van was spotted in the area and officers from Canterbury went to the Brenley Corner junction of the A2, M2 and A299 (Thanet Way). They saw a van go past heading towards London on the M2 and began following it whilst making checks on the registration number of the vehicle. The driver was requested to stop the van just after junction 6 (Ashford and Faversham).

After the van stopped a man jumped out of the van and ran up the hard shoulder of the M2, chased on foot by an officer who stopped and arrested him at 9.45pm. It is believed that there may have been other men in the van who escaped.

The van, which had been reported stolen in March, was found to contain 30 boxes from the Wahl premises.

Ch Insp Dave Collison said: “Our officers worked together well and their prompt response of going to Brenley Corner resulted in them spotting the van within 30 seconds of arriving.”

A 27-year-old man from the Catford area of south London is currently in custody being questioned in connection with the burglary and theft of the van.

Off-licence revoked in Herne Bay

A Herne Bay shop has had its licence to sell alcohol removed following action taken by Kent Police.
It had been reported to police that the shop at 79 High Street had been selling alcohol to young people under the age of 18. So in August last year and February 2009 officers visited the shop and warned the owners of their responsibilities and steps they should take to avoid selling alcoholic bottles and cans to those under age.
On 13 March this year police witnessed the owner of the shop, Valsamma Prakasan, selling eight cans of Stella Artois beer to a boy aged 15. Further offences of selling two bottles of vodka to a 17-year-old were also noted.
As part of its request for the licence to be revoked the police put forward a letter from the mother of a 12-year-old boy from Herne Boy who had returned home intoxicated having drunk alcohol supplied by a 14-year-old who said he had bought it from the shop in Herne Bay.
Kent Police requested a review hearing and yesterday (Tuesday 5 May 2009) the Licensing Sub-Committee for the Canterbury district revoked the shop's licence to sell alcohol. The owners have 21 days to appeal and during that time may continue to sell alcohol.
Insp Gordon Etheridge, who leads on licensing for the police in the Canterbury district said: "As in all towns young people like to get together and in Herne Bay we have a small number who obtain and drink quantities of alcohol that make them vulnerable to becoming victims of crime as well as causing problems for others.
"The licence being revoked is an appropriate result. The police gave recent warnings about selling to those under-age and we shall continue to do whatever we can to reduce the supply of alcohol to those under 18, not only for their good but the good of all those living in the Canterbury district."
Shop owners are urged to always ask for identification and proof of age and when in doubt are advised to refuse to serve anyone that they are suspicious of.