News 2 April 2009

Early morning action to combat vandalism

TWO men were arrested early this morning (Thursday 2 April 2009) as part of an investigation into graffiti in the Tankerton area.

Neil Fuller, Jim Gall and Jason Norcross with spray cansPolice officers with search warrants visited the Whitstable homes of the two, aged 19 and 18, just before 7am. They were taken to Canterbury police station to be interviewed after their homes were searched and various items, including computers, were seized.

The investigation has been to find those responsible for damaging buildings and other property with a “Road Kill” tag. There have over 20 reports of the tag and associated markings appearing in and around Tankerton, most recently on garages in Northwood Road.

Reducing criminal damage is one of the priorities of the Safer Canterbury District Partnership of which Canterbury City Council and Kent Police are members.*

Sgt Emma Moat explained: “Residents tell us that graffiti is one of the main things that they want to see dealt with. It spoils the area that they are living in and gives visitors a negative impression.”

The annual cost of cleaning off graffiti in Canterbury district is £80K p.a.

Graham Simpson, Community Safety Officer for Canterbury City Council said: “Canterbury City Council recognises that graffiti can blight neighbourhoods and can undermine pride in the local community. We are therefore delighted that partnership working with Kent Police has resulted in these arrests. We are confident that continued action with our partners in the Safer Canterbury District Partnership will build on this success.”