News 1 May 2009

Colourful display to promote road safety

Canterbury youngsters are helping the police and KCC to make motorists slow down near schools after designing their own road safety awareness publicity material.

Pupils from the Littlebourne, Hersden and Sturry schools all designed their own road safety posters as part of a competition which resulted in the winning design from each school being printed on a banner.

Today (Friday, 1 May) Chief Inspector Mark Harrison presented the winners with their banners along with a customised t-shirt incorporating the child’s design.

Littlebourne winners9-year-old James Robinson took top honours at Littlebourne school with 9-year-old Charlotte Furness in 2nd and 8-year-old Caitlin Wesley in 3rd.


Hersden school winnersAt the Hersden School Danielle Edwards (8) was delighted to see her winning design on the banner whilst Finley Fordham (8) and Brooke Roberts (7) filled the runner-up spots.



Sturry school winnersPaige Richardson (8) fought off tough competition from Alexander Marsh (8) and Elliot Streader (8) to be declared the winner of the Sturry school competition.



KCC Warden Ken Campbell joined PCSO Supervisor Dave Garland and Chief Inspector Mark Harrison to present the youngsters with their prizes and remind the pupils of the importance of road safety.

Chief Inspector Mark Harrison commented: ‘This Safer Spring initiative was not only fun for the children but also gave us the opportunity to promote key messages about road safety. Fatalities on the road are a tragic waste of life and if this action prevents just one accident from occurring it has been more than worthwhile.’

Littlebourne teacher, Mrs Corey added: ‘This was a great way to allow the children to be creative whilst learning about road safety. I am delighted that the police and Kent County Council were able to run their competition at our school.’

Young winner James Robinson was thrilled to see his winning design on the banner and commented: ‘I was surprised and pleased to win, it is very important to cross the road properly and I think it has made us safer.’

According to the organisation THINK! 37 children a week were seriously hurt or killed on the roads in 2007.